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Human trafficking is a new epidemic not only in the United States, but throughout the world as well. Human trafficing is defined as the selling of humans through sex, as well as drugs. Although many get this confused with prostitution, the women and children who partake in these activities ate forced to do so. Through kidnappings, as well as the selling of people throughout countries, is why it is possible for there to be human traffickin now. These “items,” as they are looked at as, deal with horrible traveling experiences, starving, beatings, and being separated from their families.Human trafficking is a rising process in America. The challenges and harms of human trafficking are just as gruesome as past generations of slavery.

The video “sold” explains the the upcomng epidemic of human trafficking. The studies shown on human trafficking are very gruesome and it shows how serious of a problem human trafficking is becoming. Not only is it getting worse by the day, bu it is also becoming the number one way to make money next to drugs.


Pictures of the Slave Ship/Museum

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Here are the pictures from my time at these historical events.

Infographic Peer Review

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This is about child abuse and how it needs to stop.

5 page research paper peer review

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My paper was about child abuse and how physical isn’t the only type of abuse in order to be named as abuse.

The Road to Debt

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The above infograph shows the road to the “American Dream.” Instead of actually getting rich, it shows that we just get ourselves into debt. We see that it starts at the age of 18 and the debt starts with a credit card. It ends with you in “debt prison” at the age of 30. It is basically analyzing America and how we are not getting wealthy, but by following this so called dream, it just gets us more and more into debt and we are no longer living a dream, but more of a nightmare. They use satire by having the heading say, “The American Dream” and then the subtext say “The American Nightmare.” It shows the comparison between the real problems in the society versus trying to live the “American Dream.”

Follow the Leader

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As I continue to follow Chris Brown, I realize he is a hilarious person. I also see that he is a very busy celeberty. Right after his VMA performance, his tweets started being about his F.A.M.E tour. He talks about how he is sick and has a sour throat, but he still performs so that he doesn’t disappoint his fans. He has so much determination and thrive, and that shows how great of an artist, as well as a performer, he is.

They say, “birds of a feather flock together.” Through tweets, I see Chris Brown’s drive and how he cares so much about his fans and his career. As I looked through the people he was following, I found that although most were half naked groupies, the ones that weren’t were just like him. They really flocked together. They had heart and drive when it came to what they loved to do. I happened to run into PaulyD, a reality star off of the show “Jersey Shore,” and realized that he is a person I now want to follow, not because he is famous and everyone knows him, but going through his tweets, he seems to be just as laid back as Chris Brown.

I also saw that he talked a lot about his passion for being a dj. He talked about being able to go to Las Vegas again and spinning at one of the clubs. I’m really excited to see what kind of person he is and how he may impact my life. His tweets seem to be about how he feels in real life versus the fake world that many like to live in. This should be an interesting person to follow. 

Pauly D Image

The Chris Brown Twitter Experience


When you follow celeberties on any social network, you aren’t following the celeberity himself, but more like a puppet that has to promote itself in any way possible. It is not a priority, to the celeberty at least, that we see their personality. Following Chris Brown was a big sigh of relief. Not only is he good-looking, and has a charming smile, but he also has a warm, fun-loving, outgoing personality. In the time that I started following Chris Brown, he was getting ready for his performance at the Video Music Awards (VMAs).

His tweets explained how nervous he was for his performance;all he wanted to do was do his best to entertain his fans. He even cracked some jokes. You could see how he connected with his audience and his fans. Most celeberties don’t know how to connect with their fans, so they come off stuck up. Chris Brown found the balance between being a star and appreciating his fans by speaking like a heartfelt person through his tweets.

This shows how he must be in everyday life. When I originally chose to follow Chris Brown I was not thinking about  what kind of person I was going to “meet.” I just knew he was my future husband and that’s why I wa going to follow him. Now that I have been following him, I realize that he is a person just like everyone else. Just because he has a whole bunch of fans, he performs in front of millions, and he is sexy, he still has a heart and feelings.

In the end, Chris Brown’s outgoing spirit shows that celeberties are real people just like us. Not all stars think they are better than us little people. I think we, as fans, just are intimidated by celeberties and choose to pass judgement because it is easier to deal with. Celeberties are just like us. They just want to live their life to the fullest and have as much fun as possible!

Enjoy the following performance of Chris Brown at the VMAs. It was great if you ask me!

Chris Brown at MTV VMA 2011 from Michael Sokol on Vimeo.

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